Freytag Associates

Company History

Freytag & Associates, Inc. Architects/Engineers was incorporated in 1975, a continuation of Freytag and Freytag Architects, a partnership of F.E. Freytag and Karl J. Freytag. The partnership was formed in 1950, following the private practice established in 1929 by F.E. Freytag.  The firm has been continuously active in the profession of architecture since that time.

The organization, having grown through the years, has an experienced and talented staff.  We are able to offer a complete architectural, engineering and planning service.

Imagination, integrity and sincerity are combined with professional skill and experience to provide the client a common sense functional solution to building needs.

Our office is located on Miami Avenue in Sidney, Ohio, in an 1884 restored Victorian home. In 1989, this historic structure was totally renovated to maintain the original character while functioning as a "state-of-the-art" design studio. The structure fosters a cohesive team oriented atmosphere while enhancing the surrounding community.